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Zodiac Chain Scorpio

"own collection"

This healing stone zodiac necklace is composed according to the character of the zodiac sign "Scorpio" (24.10.-22.11.).

The Scorpio zodiac necklace is made of red jasper, black tourmaline (schorl) and grey-white agate, interspersed with fashionable glittering silver-plated jewellery elements. It has a length of 44-50 cm and has a silver-plated lobster clasp with an extension chain.

It is shipped in an organza bag with a short description of the star sign characteristics. ArtNo: 003850 pc.  à 18 EUR* * All prices are inclusive of VAT, plus shipping costsshipping costs
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Jasper red
Tumbled stone
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Jasper red

Jasper was already revered in many ancient cultures. The Egyptians used the stone to increase sexuality and the Greeks also used the red stone as a love stone and for pregnancies.from 2.90 EUR*/pc.
Agate Botswana
Tumbled stone
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Agate Botswana

"Protector of pregnant women"

Botswana agate has been used for centuries to protect the expectant mother and her child. Hildegard von Bingen already used agates during childbirth and described a positive effect on the labour pains of the woman giving birth and an alleviation of the pain of childbirth.from 4 EUR*/pc.
Black Tourmaline - Schorl
Tumbled stone
Example image

Black Tourmaline - Schorl

Schorl is considered a strong protective stone and has been known since ancient times. It is used in particular to dissipate negative energies.from 5.50 EUR*/pc.
* All prices are inclusive of VAT, plus shipping costsshipping costs
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