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STEiNE im Web - Gift Tip, Single Piece, Necklace Ametrine best 1a-quality

Frequently asked questions


Water energisation

Application and care

General information


What are birthstones?
Birthstones are stones that are said to exert special powers on the person born in that month, or if the person has a special connection to the month to which the birthstone is assigned.

What birthstones are there?
The following birthstones are assigned to the individual months:

January: Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Aquamarine

April: Diamond

May: Emerald

June: Moonstone, Pearls

July: Ruby

August: Peridot

September: Sapphire

October: Opal, Tourmaline

November: Citrine

December: Turquoise

Water energisation

How do I prepare a gemstone water?
To prepare a gemstone water, you can choose the stones which you personally feel attracted to or which correspond to the description according to your » application wish «. Rely entirely on your feeling. You can also use several different stones to prepare a gemstone water.

Note: Before preparing a gemstone water, please inform yourself in the relevant specialist literature.

Have a look at the category "Water Energisation" in the chapter "Beautiful and more".

» Malachite « should not be used when preparing gemstone water, as it can have a toxic effect due to its high copper content. Stones with a high iron content should also not be used, as they can change in the water (e.g. magnetite).

To prepare the gemstone water, you should first clean and charge the stones. Then place the stones overnight in a glass jug with still, clear mineral water (without carbonic acid!). The next day you can drink the water.

Water is an information carrier and takes over the vibrations of the gemstones. To give the water a special touch, you can additionally discuss the gemstone water with positive affirmations, such as "Water give love, joy, harmony, health". Thank the water for its gift.

How do I prepare a gemstone water chakra blend?
If you would like to support your general well-being and your chakras with the help of a gemstone water, you can prepare a chakra mixture as follows.
» Choose one stone of the respective chakra colour or one stone assigned to the chakra. «

How do I prepare a gemstone water harmony mixture?
For this blend, choose a » rose quartz «, the stone of harmony and love, and a » rock crystal « as an enhancer. You can support and vary this blend with a beautiful » amethyst «.

How do I prepare a gemstone water slimming mixture?
If you want to positively support weight loss with the help of a gemstone water, then you can prepare a weight loss mixture as follows. Choose a » red jasper «, a » rock crystal « and a » magnesite «. The water should then be drunk throughout the day with meals.

What should I consider before water energisation?
The commercially available tumbled stones are almost always paraffined. For this reason, we recommend boiling the stones with water before energising them. However, boiling can cause the stones to lose their lustre, i.e. to become dull.

Application and care

How do I know which healing stone is the right one for me?
You find several stones for the field of application you are looking for? Choose the stone that you personally like best or to which you feel attracted. Rely entirely on your intuition and your feeling.

Can I wear different healing stones together?
The basic rule is: rely entirely on your feeling. If you feel the need to wear several stones together, feel free to do so. However, we recommend that you first wear each stone alone in order to feel and experience its individual vibrations.

I already own a few healing stones, which stone is the right one for me TODAY?
Choose the stone that you personally like best or to which you feel attracted. Rely entirely on your intuition and feeling. Another option is to feel your stone. Take the stone in your hand and feel if it reacts to you. If you feel warmth, a tingling or throbbing sensation, then the stone is the right one for you.

Try the following kinesiological test:
Stand upright and take the stone in your right hand. Place your hand in front of your solar plexus and close your eyes. If you have the feeling of "tipping forward", then the stone is "pulling" you and it is the right one for you for that day. If you have the feeling of "tilting backwards", then the stone "repels" you and you should choose another one for that day.

Wie kann ich meine Heilsteine anwenden?
Healing stones can transmit their vibrations to the wearer by placing them on the assigned chakra or the area to be treated. If the stone is to be used on this spot for a longer period of time, it should be attached with a skin-friendly plaster.

Drilled healing stones and pendants with a silver eyelet can be worn around the neck on a » leather strap «, a » leather chain «, a » silver hoop «, a » silver snake chain « or a » silver collier «.

Another possibility of application is the preparation of a gemstone water, for which you will find some tips on this page.

How do I care for my stones?
In the detailed descriptions you will find tips on how to care for the respective healing stones. Here, too, the following applies: rely entirely on your feeling. Healing stones take on the individual vibrations of their wearer. Should you ever have a "bad" day, then additional cleaning, discharging and charging of the stone according to the description is recommended.

How do I care for my charging and discharging stones?
For charging and discharging stones, the normal care recommendation also applies:

Amethyst group: only needs to be discharged (once a month under running lukewarm water).

Rock crystal: should be discharged once a month under warm running water and charged in the sun (morning or evening sun).

Hematite: the hematite is charged and discharged in a group of rock crystal tumbled stones. It is cleared of negative energies and new energies are added to it. It should not be discharged under water. It is sufficient to place the haematite tumbled stones next to the rock crystal tumbled stones.

Can I use healing stones also on animals?
Absolutely! Animals - like any other living being - can accept the vibrations of the stones. However, it is more difficult to treat animals through external application. The STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) therefore recommends preparing a gemstone water.

General information

What is a tumbled stone?
Unpolished rough stones are put into a drum together with water and fine sand, which is set into a rotating motion. The "tumbling" causes the previously angular and rough stones to be polished smooth and even on their surface. The whole process takes place without any processing by a gemstone cutter.

The stones of STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) are mainly tumbled stones, which may have small irregularities on the surface due to their processing and their mineralogical structure.

Where do the stones of STEiNE im Web come from?
STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) sources its stones from the most renowned wholesalers in Germany, many of whom have been guaranteeing top quality for generations.

The stones of STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) are natural products and handpicked.

What diameter are the stones and pendants drilled with?
The stones and pendants of the STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) are all drilled with a diameter of 2.5 mm and, like the pendants with a silver eyelet, can be worn on a » leather strap «, a » leather chain «, a » silver hoop «, a » silver snake chain « or a » silver collier «.

What is an amethyst druse?
A druse is a closed rock cavity in which crystals have formed. The druse is split in the middle to reveal the crystal structures inside and to make them usable e.g. for » charging or space harmonisation purposes «.

What does "rhodium-plated" mean for silver articles?
Rhodium is a metal that occurs very rarely in nature and is one of the most expensive metals of all.

During rhodium plating, the jewellery is given a chemical "coating" that is very robust.

Rhodium-plated jewellery is very resistant to abrasion. A rhodium-plated necklace can last a very long time if it is cleaned and cared for carefully.

How do I conveniently receive information about new products, special offers and discount campaigns of the STEiNE im web?
If you would like to receive information about new products, special offers and discount campaigns of STEiNE im Web (formerly Heilsteinberatung) by email, you can » subscribe to our newsletter here « if you do not yet have a customer account.

If you are already registered as a customer, then you can register to receive the newsletter » via your customer account «.

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Important note!

We expressly point out that the effects of the stones have so far neither been scientifically proven nor medically recognized! All statements made on this website do not constitute instructions for therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense.

From a scientific point of view, there is no evidence that so-called "healing stones" can prevent, alleviate or cure diseases.

The use of gemstones and minerals must in no way replace medical advice or help!