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Chakra articles

many beautiful articles for our energy centres

Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means energy wheel

Pendant - Chakra Star Silver (925) handmade

"Petals symbolise the interconnected chakras"

Handmade chakra pendant made of 925 sterling silver set with gemstones.

The following stones are assigned to the seven chakras: Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Iolite and Amethyst.
36 EUR*/pc.

Chakra pendant "Tumbled stones" with strap and extension chain

"seven Tumbled stones in chakra colours"

Colourful pendant in chakra colours on strap with extension chain6.20 EUR*/pc.

Gemstone Flower Chakras

"The flower is handmade"

This pretty little flower with colourful petals in the chakra colours makes an excellent gift (not only for flower lovers). As a room decoration, the flower is a real eye-catcher.11.90 EUR*/pc.

Chakra Bracelet with Pendant "Tree of Life"

"Eye-catcher is the pendant with tree of life"

colourful ball bracelet in chakra colours7.50 EUR*/pc.

Chakra bracelet

"Back in assortment"

colourful sliver bracelet, flexible on nature rubber or with a 925 silver lobster clasp5.90 EUR*/pc.

Chakra necklace

"Back in assortment"

This colourful chakra necklace (length: 44-50 cm, with extension chain) consists of different types of stones that are assigned to the individual chakras.12 EUR*/pc.
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Necklace 1a-Sunstone
* UNIQUE *Necklace 1a-Sunstone79.50 EUR*
Bracelet hawk eye
Bracelet hawk eye7.50 EUR*/pc.
Heliotrope bracelet
Heliotrope bracelet7.50 EUR*/pc.
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