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ATTENTION: Due to delivery bottlenecks, some types of stones are unfortunately not available at the moment.
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* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Schorl crystal 14 EUR*/pc.
Pendant Schorl crystal14 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Zodiac chain Leo handmade unique piece 49 EUR*
Zodiac chain Leo
handmade unique piece49 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Larimar drilled 22 EUR*
Pendant Larimar drilled22 EUR*
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Chakra Star Silver (925) handmade 37 EUR*/pc.
Chakra Star Silver (925) handmade37 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet 38 EUR*
Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet38 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Turquoise in silver setting - Pendant 48 EUR*
Turquoise in silver setting - Pendant48 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Symbol jewellery
Symbol jewellery
STEiNE im Web - Zodiac necklaces - own collection
Zodiac necklaces - own collection
STEiNE im Web - 3x Purple - Design Pendant Amethyst and Sugilite in Silver Setting 89.90 EUR*
3x Purple - Design Pendant Amethyst and Sugilite in Silver Setting89.90 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Newsletter subscription
Newsletter subscription
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Rock Crystal "Flower of Life" 16 EUR*/pc.
Pendant Rock Crystal "Flower of Life"16 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet 32 EUR*
Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet32 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Malachite pendant in silver setting 59.50 EUR*
Malachite pendant in silver setting59.50 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Rhodochrosite Disc 21 EUR*
Pendant Rhodochrosite Disc21 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Gemstone bracelets
Gemstone bracelets
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Element pendant fire with garnet, Silver (925) 22.50 EUR*/pc.
Element pendant fire with garnet,
Silver (925)22.50 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Zodiac chain Aries handmade unique piece 59 EUR*
Zodiac chain Aries
handmade unique piece59 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Rock Crystal Twin Crystal 60 EUR*
Rock Crystal Twin Crystal60 EUR*
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - LED ambient light "Flower of Life" 24.50 EUR*/pc.
LED ambient light "Flower of Life"24.50 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Gemstone flowers and trees
Gemstone flowers and trees
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