The interactive stone consultation - via our interactive and free consultation tool you can find THE gemstones and healing stones for yourself or for friends that match your star sign, are meant to alleviate certain ailments or simply please you. You can also simply be inspired by our gift tips. Healing stones, gemstones, healing stone, healing stones on the web, tumbled stone, Hildegard von Bingen, healing stones on the web, stones on the web, stones on the web, gems-on-web, health, stone jewellery, esotericism, esotericism, semi-precious stone, gemstone encyclopaedia, healing stone encyclopaedia, wellness, stone healing, gemstone water, healing stone water, water revitalisation, water vitalisation, healing stone advice, healing stone advice, auxiliary stones, stone advice, stone advice, stones advice, chakra, chakras, star signs, gift tips
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Gemstones and healing stones can be extraordinary pieces of jewellery or aids in dealing with problems.
For already 18 years you can find many stones and beautiful jewellery here!

We have revised our online shop for you. You will now find many new features.
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STEiNE im Web - Pyramid bismuth with crystals  81 EUR* (-40%)
Pyramid bismuth with crystals81 EUR* (-40%)
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - LED ambient light "Flower of Life" 24.50 EUR*/pc.
LED ambient light "Flower of Life"24.50 EUR*/pc.
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Schorl crystal 14 EUR*/pc.
Pendant Schorl crystal14 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Necklace chrysocolla faceted, knotted 65 EUR*
Necklace chrysocolla faceted, knotted65 EUR*
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Garnet cabochon in silver setting 19.50 EUR*/pc.
Garnet cabochon in silver setting19.50 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet 31 EUR*
Larimar cabochon with silver eyelet31 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Uwarowit rough stone in silver setting 40 EUR*
Pendant Uwarowit rough stone in silver setting40 EUR*
limited number
STEiNE im Web - Tealight holder Rock Crystal Splinter 16 EUR*/pc.
Tealight holder Rock Crystal Splinter16 EUR*/pc.
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Chakra Star Silver (925) handmade 37 EUR*/pc.
Chakra Star Silver (925) handmade37 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Lava and Striped Agate Jewellery Set 42 EUR*
Lava and Striped Agate Jewellery Set42 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Symbol jewellery
Symbol jewellery
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Rock Crystal point 6.50 EUR*/pc.
Pendant Rock Crystal point6.50 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Larimar drilled 22 EUR*
Pendant Larimar drilled22 EUR*
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Tealight Jar "Flower of Life" 8 EUR*/pc.
Tealight Jar "Flower of Life"8 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Malachite pendant in silver setting 59.50 EUR*
Malachite pendant in silver setting59.50 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Pendant Rhodochrosite Disc 21 EUR*
Pendant Rhodochrosite Disc21 EUR*
STEiNE im Web - Rock Crystal Twin Crystal 60 EUR*
Rock Crystal Twin Crystal60 EUR*
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Amethyst cabochon in silver setting 19.50 EUR*/pc.
Amethyst cabochon in silver setting19.50 EUR*/pc.
* NEW *
STEiNE im Web - Energy spiral for room harmonisation 22 EUR*/pc.
Energy spiral for room harmonisation22 EUR*/pc.
STEiNE im Web - Gemstone pendants
Gemstone pendants
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